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One&Only Nyungwe House, Rwanda


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Discover Rwanda from the heart of the jungle

One&Only Nyungwe House will take you deep within Nyungwe National Park, a survivor of the last Ice Age and a home to more than 100 species of orchids, rare primates, reptiles bright butterflies and exotic birds.

Situated in five striking wooden villa clusters, the treetop-skimming, luxury suites and rooms are secluded in wonderfully untamed surroundings, accommodating all adventure seekers and paying homage to Rwanda’s beauty and heritage.

The jungle offers many types of walks depending on your fitness - from relaxed wanders with beautiful sights, to steep, challenging treks with breathtaking views. The Canopy Walk is the only treetop walkway in East Africa; the awe-inspiring platforms are elevated between giant trees, appearing to float 60-metres above the forest floor.

Expert guides will lead you on the trail of chimpanzees. Every trek is different, and the jungle’s charismatic chimpanzees are full of surprises. If you are lucky you might gaze into the social life of these incredible monkeys.

If you are extremely lucky you might get to see a pure white baby colobus - their signature black and white coat develops after a few months. In any case, the energetic and sociable monkeys will enchant you.