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Hoshino Resorts Kai Poroto, Japan


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Traditions. Sophistication. Zen.

Follow the footsteps of the first settlers of the Japanese islands – the Ainu people. Here, in the southern part of Hokkaido, right next to lake Poroto sits a traditional Japanese hot spring ryokan. The architecture, art and décor of KAI Poroto honors the Ainu and their culture.

Submerge in the hot water in the cone-shaped bathhouse and enjoy breathtaking views of lake Poroto and the surroundings. The hot spring is a “moor spring” and has a distinctive dark color because of organic matter from ancient plants – a rarity worldwide. In the “Sankaku-no-yu”, which seems to float in the lake, you will enjoy unforgettable panoramas from the comfort of the warm spring water.

Ainu people have lived harmoniously with nature – craft an amulet from the “Ikema” plant and herbs in honor of their ways. They also had a special reverence for bears, and a lot of the art in KAI Poroto is devoted to them.

Food is a feast for all senses. Japanese-style bouillabaisse, sashimi, the traditional Japanese meals presented in the spirit of Hokkaido will sate your hunger as well as your soul.