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Eremito, Umbria, Italy


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The story of a contemporary “monastery”

Exuding a monastic aesthetic of cell-like spaces, rooms at Eremito, in Umbria, enable one to fully retreat into a setting of “Franciscan minimalism” that is perfect for contemplation.

Built stone by stone upon a derelict house, Eremito took four years to create. Adhering to the 13th-century art of Italian masonry, 130,000 stones were used in its construction. The interior style has natural materials take precedence, furnishings are few but comfortable, and the reliance on candlelight creates the right atmosphere.

Despite its traditional appearance, Eremito is technologically and sustainably up-to-date. With over 3,000 hectares of protected natural reserve and considered the spiritual focal point of the country thanks to wonderful monasteries in the area, Umbria is a fitting choice for an eco-resort.

Eremito’s rooms are called “Celluzze” in the spirit of those ancient monk quarters, while the austere aesthetic aims to provide guests with an “old luxury”experience, meaning plenty of quiet and space to reflect and rejuvenate.