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NOŪS Santorini, Greece


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For the love of Santorini

Discover a 5-star luxury resort hotel with unique character and world-class interior design and exterior landscape, blending Santorini’s history with contemporary flair. A move away from mass and speed, towards space, experiences, connections and slowness. This is NOŪS Santorini.

The new resort has a capacity of 121 rooms, most of which will boast private pools as well as large private gardens. It architects were inspired by the geometric shapes of the island’s topography and architecture and reinterpreted them in modern terms. The hues of the famous murals of Akrotiri inspire the color palette of the interiors while the materials that have been used in all areas are based on local traditional techniques.

Visitors of the resort will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the wines of the local producers and take part in wine tastings in the special area of ​​Oenous.

The philosophy of YES Hotels is “Young, Enthusiastic, Seductive” and NOŪS Santorini definitely fits in.