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Hotel Promenade Burgas

Hotel Promenade, Burgas

"Promenade" is an elegant and charming hotel located in the center of Bourgas, right on the beach on the central beach in the Sea Garden. The hotel is in the architecture style of the old seaside town, combined with the most modern amenities and incredible luxury.

The house was built and was used by French and Belgian workers who were sent to build the port of Bourgas in 1900. The interior was in the "Rococo" style, and the Renaissance forms of the facade contribute to the overall elegant look.

The building was converted into a hotel in 2018, with a total of 12 rooms and suites. It is ideally located with easy access to the beach, main streets, shops, restaurants, cafes, galleries, the summer theater, train station, bus stops and the Bourgas port.