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Тhe Oberoi Zahra, Egypt


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Welcome to the River Nile

Egypt, one of the oldest civilisations in the world, is home to the River Nile: the longest river in the world. Since the ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile would carry them into the afterlife, almost all of the cultural and historical sites of Ancient Egypt lie along its banks.

See the wonders of ancient Egypt unfold before your eyes on The Oberoi Zahra, a five star Luxury Nile Cruiser. Let the river guide you through antique landmarks - untouched for millennia graves, giant statues and huge, preserved temples.

The Oberoi Zahra boasts 27 luxury cabins that are as well equipped as the most sophisticated Egyptian hotels. The cuisine is international, a la carte, and is served in a beautiful restaurant with huge windows overlooking the river and the monuments on her banks.

The cruiser has a lounge that serves cocktails and hosts live music and Nubian performances. For the true explorers there is a library where you can relax and prepare for your next day of adventures.