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Magic Camps, United Arab Emirates


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An extraordinary, eco-sensitive glamping experience in the heart of the Arabian Desert

Magic Camps combine a flavour of the Bedouin traditional way of life with the comfort of luxury accommodation and а commitment to sustainability. These desert camps are equipped with exquisite and inviting interiors, including private bathrooms equipped with showers.

Magic Camps aim to emulate the bedouin nomads of the desert who leave no trace on their environment. Measures to respect the environment have been taken and reinforced.

If you want to experience glamping in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you can choose between a private camp set up just for you and your party or staying in the shared camp with other guests. The Magic Camp can accommodate up to 6 tents offering double, twin or triple beds, as well as private bathrooms and toilets.

The luxury, spacious bedroom tents are decorated in local style and using eco-friendly materials. Each tent has their own private shower-room and toilets. You will be able to meet other guests in the Majlis. These communal areas are adorned with Berber rugs and hanging lanterns to create a friendly space to share stories with fellow travellers or to rest in privacy with your family. In the evening the Majlis is transformed by candles and oil lamps to create the perfect Arabian Nights’ atmosphere!

Under the leadership of its experienced chef, the culinary staff prepares authentic and refined fresh meals based on local cuisine, and using delicious oriental flavours. You can choose whether to dine either under the stars or inside the Majlis!

With the Luxury Tent with Private Setup, a whole Magic Camp is created just for you! It is a totally private experience, where you and your party can experience the silence of the desert whilst the team is on hand, entirely dedicated to your service.

Enjoy the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with your family and friends!