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Es Raco d`Arte, Palma de Mallorca

Es Racó is freedom - choose the path that leads us to our own unique experiences.

Es Racó is a unique enclave located near the Mallorcan town of Artà. A destination to discover and be inspired in every little corner.
A place that was born as a dream of its creators who, inspired by the environment, nature and the essence of the island, have turned Es Racó into their most personal legacy.
A melting pot of colours and textures, a thousand and one smells and flavours, music created by the sounds of nature... in connection with art and architecture through respect and sustainability.
Immerse yourself in local cooking, agriculture or handicrafts through the workshops; enjoy time for yourself through meditation exercises and spa treatments, or get lost in the surroundings with the group routes.
Upon arrival, you can personalize your activities so you can experience this special place in a unique way.
Feel at home, walk barefoot, lose track of time, connect with the earth, indulge in relaxation and wonderful views. Whatever you want for good mood and rest, you will get it at Es Racó d`Arte.