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Arua Private Spa Villas, Italy


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A beautiful villa in the Alps

A refined, spacious, and luxurious world set high above Merano welcomes guests with heavenly views, bespoke elegance, total privacy, and stunning sophistication.

The hotel’s six villas present terraces that are extensions of the interior living space while generous-sized windows amplify the stunning views. 

The architecture at Arua is contemporary yet designed with the natural surroundings squarely in mind. 

The structure incorporates the site’s old Gandbauer farm. The sloping ground gives one the impression of enjoying the spectacular view from a preferential standpoint, where the everchanging light and colors are reminiscent of a theatrical presentation.

Each villa has its own style, one designed in harmony with the setting to create a symbiosis between inside and out.

Realized with the furnishings of well-known Italian designers, the contemporary interiors have a Bauhaus feel defined by natural colors and materials such as wood and stone. Glass, leather, and concrete add sleekness and warmth, while furniture ranges from Penta lamps and curtains by Eco Design to pieces by Gessi & Karol.