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Nest Hotel, South Korea


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A Nest in the clouds of Korea

Nest Hotel, set in Incheon near Seoul, is the perfect getaway for the weathered traveler.

By having furniture, such as the bed or sofa, face in various directions, unique spaces are created for each room. Diagonally placed windows allow for maximum daylight. The Kunst lounge on the lobby level is the ultimate hangout space, featuring a curated collection of books in the library area, mini theater equipped with a high-end sound system, and a coffee bar.

With a focus on being a hideout for travelers, the hotel’s architecture centers on the nature outside. The rather unusual nest-like concept for the hotel in the individual layout for the rooms resulted in a “pile-up” design dictating the exterior’s appearance. The high-ceilinged lobby is an impressive showcase for the hotel’s bold style—exposed concrete, waffle ceiling, and glass walls form the perfect stage for the beauty outside.

Of course, all modern luxurious amenities will be at your service. Whether Nest Hotel is the start of your Korean adventure or just a stop along the way is up to you.