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Les Andéols, France


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Perfectly designed luxury and art in Provence

Startle your senses in Provence amid furniture by Florence Knoll, art by Isamu Noguchi, and French cuisine worthy of the gods. Welcome to Les Andéols.

Different cultural expressions manifest themselves colorfully, artfully, and majestically in each structure. Klieg lights make a fitting design touch in a hotel that can feel like both a showcase gallery and a warm, welcoming home to its appreciative guests who come from around the world. Here, one is immersed in a world of Saarinen tulip chairs, ostrich-leather covered walls, Beroya red armchairs, Starck mirros, and Breuer chairs.

Pure lines, bespoke spaces, and sublime art and furniture augment the shapes and colors that define Provence. Each of the hotel’s 19 villas has its own unique character—from Maison Toujours, which embraces a delicate palette of pale pastels and art that celebrates the female figure, to Maison Amoureux’s concrete gray walls, which provide the perfect background for Bertoia’s bright red 1952 Diamond chairs.

Paintings once found in museums now hang at Les Andéols. Art abounds with over 250 paintings, photographs, and furniture pieces setting the tone for the overall décor. Exhibitions, organized in collaboration with Parisian gallery Kammel Mennour, surround guests with the work of such photographers as Nobuyoshi Araki, Ellen Von Unwerth, and Daido Moriyama.

Le Platane’s signature dining experience exemplifies the hotel’s nutritional and preventive culinary philosophy. Healthy and seasonal dishes straight from the property’s farm help to form such daring combinations as smoked potato hay and vegetable truffle butter—all part of the chef’s “from the seed to the fork” culinary approach.