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Domaine des Etangs, France


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A place of life in harmony with nature

Everything hails from the Earth and everything returns to It - driven by this notion of balance, the philosophy of the Domaine des Etangs is built around an Art of Life reconnected to Nature. The Domaine, which evolves following the cycle of seasons, covers 2,500 acres of preserved Nature, offering its guests moments of connection in a haven that embraces the essential and dazzles the senses.

The forests, their fauna and flora, interrelate with the farmed fields and with the largest herd of Limousin cattle in France, renowned for its genetic heritage. 

The spiral-shaped vegetable garden, which supplies the restaurant, thrives throughout the year, the ponds mirror the sky in motion, revealing the stars at night.

A landmark in French history, it passes on its legacy, reading like in a tale, with the knights who built the château in the 13th century, that offered shelter on the ancient road that connected Limoges to Angoulême. 

With its numerous Farmhouse Cottages, the Domaine des Etangs also bears witness to a country life that used water to power the mills and nurtured a strong connection to the Earth and its many crops. The Ponds were for their part dedicated to carp breeding in the past.  Everything symbolizes the ancient relationship between humankind and the benevolent and protective Nature. 

Today, a family home turned into a superb five-star hotel, the Domaine des Etangs is a place to escape, dwell and experience the serenity and harmony provided by this enchanted interlude.