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Castle Elvira, Italy


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The legend of Elvira

Once upon a time there was a wealthy couple from Naples whose only child, Elvira was the apple of their eye. Elvira, a dreamy little girl, was enchanted by a beautiful castle near her home. Her adoring parents built an identical one in Puglia as a gift for her 17th birthday.

Overwhelmed with gratitude and love, Elvira planned a surprise feast to thank her mother and father and hand picked wild mushrooms from the castle’s grounds. But when her parents returned, their beloved daughter was dead.

She had mistaken poisonous mushrooms for Porcini. Her heartbroken parents fled the castle, never to return. For 100 years the abandoned castle was left to decay. Until today.

Following a magnificent restoration, Castle Elvira has reopened. Inviting up to 12 guests to stay in the castle and the castle cottage welcomes you to luxuriate in its six uniquely designed suites and enjoy exclusive use of the elegantly landscaped private gardens and pools as well as 37 acres of olive and citrus groves and glorious parkland.

In each of the six deluxe suites guests will enjoy elegant historical surroundings with discreet contemporary amenities. From the cosy private cinema on the lower ground level up to the rooftop terrace for Aperitif and panoramic views of the open countryside, complete luxury is guaranteed. Wander through our wild Italian woodlands or enjoy a homemade picnic to relax and unwind.

Art and Design is at the heart of Castle Elvira. Throughout the grounds you’ll find stunning and unique pieces and antiques collected over time. The castle has its atelier, where guests can enjoy an array of artistic classes and workshops or even take advantage of our amazing Portrait experience.