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Verte Hotel, Warsaw


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Modern beauty- a history retold.

Verte Hotel is a place ‘out of a painting’, a vision of an 18th century palace rebuilt by the architects and engineers of Warsaw after its total destruction during World War II.
Immerse yourself in one of 94 rooms- each of them representing highest quality, combined with variety of materials - natural wood, cool stone and tick woven fabrics.  All rooms were designed to be the best setting for your stay in Warsaw.
Choose from amongst several types of rooms, each with its own distinctive design and character. Each room provides the guests with comfort equal to the one of large and palatial spaces.
We do not stop here. Hotel Verte Warsaw also offers an unforgettable perspective on what lies beyond the windows – the view. Day and night.
Local products served in an unconventional fashion. A combination of flavours in unexpected forms. Savour this excellent cuisine in comfort and relaxed atmosphere.
From the glazed forms of the modern Pavilion through the 18th century brick vaults, to the modern technological solutions with coffered ceilings – hotel Verte Warsaw offers fully equipped spaces for the most demanding guests.