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Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi


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A design marvel in the heart of Tbilisi

Embodying the zeitgeist of contemporary Tbilisi, Stamba Hotel is a living, breathing reflection of the city’s growing global significance and refined dynamism.

The aesthetic is imaginative and industrial, such as the sophisticated pink bar with bold colors and repurposed furniture.

The design of Stamba highlights the industrial splendor of the Soviet-era publishing house in which it is situated. Original features have been repurposed, contributing to the hotel’s overarching indulgent experience and offering an expressive journey through the vintage and the modern. The former publisher’s print-drying beam is now used to support the foliage that dominates the five-story-high atrium of the hotel’s “jungle lobby”. A café is defined by distinctive vintage booths and Soviet-era pendant lamps.

The Brutalist framework is filled with nostalgic references to the roaring 1920s and glamorous 1930s, while new touches give the hotel a distinctly contemporary edge.