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​Cayena-Caracas, Venezuela


South America
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Фантастичен микс от европейски лукс, американски комфорт и венецуелски блясък

An exquisite mix of European luxury, American comfort and Venezuelan flair

Located in the chic La Castellana neighborhood, Cayena-Caracas is an oasis in the city, where guests feel as if they are in a private retreat, surrounded by lush gardens and fabulous views of El Ávila Mountain.

Impenetrable to the eyes of the outside world and surrounded by exceptional rooftop landscaping, terraces, and private patios, the Cayena Caracas rooms give the feeling of being in a private retreat enclosed within a beautiful garden. Its heated outdoor pool, located at the rooftop level, is the perfect location to both unwind and exercise while enjoying one of the best climates in the world -- the "eternal spring" -- as they say in Caracas. This landscape unfolds at the footsteps of the striking view of El Ávila, the majestic mountain that embraces the valley of Caracas.

Each room and suite has its own charm. The selection of the ergonomically designed furniture, the feathery weight of the bed linen, the mood lighting, the warm colors and textures of the walls and upholstery - all were brought together by world-famous interior designers to achieve the unique combination of luxury and comfort.

Spacious bathrooms with double marble sinks, robes woven with 100% cotton, and the delicious aroma of freshly-brewed espresso wafting from an Illy machine, are a few examples of the pleasures offered by the rooms and suites at Cayena Caracas.

The exquisite mix of European luxury, American comfort and Venezuelan flair, is present in each of the elegant rooms and suites of the hotel, designed to provide luxurious comfort and style.