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Atix, Bolivia


South America
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An architectural wonder in Bolivia

Bearing the torch for design-led luxury in La Paz, Atix is a showcase for Bolivian culture, art, and gastronomy.

Modern, sophisticated, cool, and contemporary—Atix use the works of renowned artist Gastón Ugalde to capture the essence of the country's most remote locations, as well as an interior of local materials that speaks to the very heart of Bolivian culture.

The building’s form—a parallelogram inspired by the landscape—transitions the eye from present to future development. The enigmatic parallelogram shape of Atix creates stunning bay window views from every angle, immersing guests in the surrounding Andean Valley. The facade is clad in Bolivian wood and the same Comanche stone used to pave the streets of La Paz in the 1920s and 1930s.

Designed to be a live-in art gallery, the 53-room Atix, which means “one who thrives” in Quechua, displays fine-art photography and artwork in the corridors, rooms, and common areas by native artist Gastón Ugalde—known as the Andy Warhol of the Andes. For the commission, Ugalde traveled to places such as South Lípez Desert, Lake Titicaca, and Salar de Uyuni to capture Bolivia’s stunning landscape.