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Aman Tokyo, Japan


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A night in the company of a Geisha

From the heights of the Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo tempers urban dynamism with a profound atmosphere of serenity. Inspired by Japanese design tradition, with ikebana displays, washi paper doors and engawa platforms, the vast lobby, ryokan-style rooms and Aman Spa are all among the city’s largest.

Aman Tokyo’s Rooms and Suites are lofty urban sanctuaries with breathtaking views of the city below. Your eyes will set on the Imperial Palace Gardens and Mt Fuji on the horizon on clearer days. 

Occupying a prime position in Otemachi, Aman Tokyo is a gateway to both ancient cultural attractions and the thrills of the modern metropolis. Discover the remarkable history and rich traditions of Japan’s iconic sport with a visit to a sumo-beya (stable) to see the wrestlers in training.

Join one of Tokyo’s most accomplished geishas for an evening in the prestigious ryotei (tea house) Tsurunaka, which has traditionally only admitted customers by personal referral. Here, Aman Tokyo guests will be able to enjoy a meal accompanied by authentic performances from some of Tokyo’s most accomplished geisha, revered for their grace, musical ability and mastery of hospitality as an art form.