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Villa Nai 3.3, Croatia


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Moored in a haven amid the Adriatic Sea, embraced by the beauty of nature

More of a landlubber or a sailing master? Intoxicated by the smell of the sea and vast marine vistas, yet wanting to feel the earth beneath your feet? Land Ho! The Villa Nai 3.3 – a luxurious organic villa anchored at Dugi Otok Island, in the heart of Dalmatia. 

Before casting its anchor in a natural refuge on Dugi Otok Island, the Villa Nai 3.3 sailed close to the wind and took a tremendous journey from a perfectly drawn geometrical blueprint to a property completely immersed in nature, unpretentious just like all other beauties adorning this island. 

The architect Nikola Bašić harbored the hotel, the oil mill and tasting room inside a hundred-year-old organic olive grove. The facilities are built from stone harvested from the olive grove. The interiors feature designer furniture in perfect sync with nature, throughout 8 deluxe accommodation units. 

23 members of the villa crew learned the ropes tasked only with making guests feel comfortable on their journey brimming with delight.