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Myconian Avaton Resort, Greece


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A gem of serenity in Mykonos

A singular place of amazing beauty suspended between sky, earth and sea, the Myconian Avaton Resort seems to miraculously grow out of the bare rock of famed Elia Beach, formed equally by the workings of nature and by the art of man. In a magnificent landscape where ancient myths and modern legends blend in a harmonious whole, every glance reveals breathtaking panoramas and exciting patterns of light and color in a never-ending variety. Here, the blue sky is closer and the stars shine more brightly.

With exceptional design features, infinity pools, fine dining and a superb spa, it’s where personalised service and absolute privacy are taken to another dimension, anticipating a guest’s every wish. As a member of Design Hotels, Avaton is a true original, drawing on one family’s island roots and a tradition distilled into the essence of genuine hospitality.

The Avaton is named after the sacred places of ancient Greece, inaccessible to all but the initiated, ‘so perfect that no common foot may be set upon them’. A promise of the extraordinary that is fulfilled in every detail: here, discerning guests can strike the perfect lifestyle balance between going with the magical flow for which Mykonos is famous, and recharging in a haven of restorative luxury.

A world class holiday destination for more than 50 years, Mykonos is an alluring magnet for glamorous celebrities, jet-setters and romantic couples from around the globe. Though this truly legendary island is famous for its cosmopolitan beaches and vibrant nightlife, it also offers serene moments of unwinding and pure relaxation. Mykonos is also renowned for the courteous hospitality of its people and the breathtaking beauty of its pearl-white villages, which, combined with the azure waters and sunny blue skies, produces an amazingly beautiful spectacle.