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Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano

Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano

Arenal volcano used to be the most spectacularly active volcano in Costa Rica. For over 30 years, lava flows and red hot boulders ejected from the volcano, glowing in the darkness.

For the ten seven years however, the red hot lava has been biding its time and the activity at Arenal has been limited to puffs of steam and a few deep rumbles.  No one can predict when this quiet cycle will end and the glowing red orange cone will once again dominate the night sky, but even when it’s not erupting spectacularly the peak is still an imposing and beautiful sight.

There are numerous hiking trails leading up the volcano, but there are other options to get to the crater, such as horseback riding or by car. Take a peek inside the crater with its thick clouds, covering what locals call The entrance to Hell.

The area near the volcano is famous for its hot springs. The warm water, heated by the underground lava, acts as a natural spa in the heart of the jungle.
Expect rain at any time of the year, but the wettest months are June through October, while the driest are February through April, and occasionally November.