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There aren't many places in the world that cannot be described, despite the amount of photos, stories and movies about them. Santorini, seen from the sea, looks like a black inaccessible rock, raw, resembling an angry soldier, frozen at sea 3,600 years ago. The moment you step on the almost impregnable land and start climbing the winding narrow road, looking back, the dizzying view distracts you and makes you unable to take your eyes off the black rocks against the endless blue sea merging with the sky. 

There is no other place like it in the world: so rocky and barren at first glance, but in fact a perfect labyrinth of small white houses perched on the edge of the abyss, shrouded in a light mist to remind of the legends and stories born here, painted in the colours of the sunset.The type of sunset that makes you forget about absolutely everything else in this world: everything becomes a feeling of colors and fantasies.

This island is unique, from its strange emptiness filled with crazy life, to the steep hills dotted with vines. The island does not have fresh water, but in winter the land keeps every drop of the small amount of rainfall hidden deep, so that in the heat of the summer season it can begin to evaporate upwards and irrigate the massifs.
From mid-August, a typical wind begins to blow, which in turn protects the grapes from diseases.

The locals are extremely religious, quite logical given the proximity to a dormant volcano located underwater, but very close to the island and which was the cause of one of the greatest cataclysms in antiquity. Its crater is 80 km in diameter and I think this specification is enough to describe this natural monster and the threat it resembles.

We drink local wine on one of the terraces in the narrow streets, enjoy the sunset and I keep thinking about Zorbas. After soaking in this view I am not afraid of anything and I feel completely free. I will return here many times and I am sure of that, the attraction is magnetic and full of magic: the illuminated hills of rocks, the shores sealed forever by lava and the raging sea below, a feast of the elements that makes you crave more...

Marta, 20.06.2018