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Madrid is flamenco: passionate, emotional and terribly beautiful. Just as flamenco is made up of a singer, guitarist and dancers, so is the city with a rhythm of constant life, endless streams of people and the grandeur of architectural wonders. But anywhere you go, you cannot escape the smell of indesribably delicious food. This is the most unforgettable part about the city: the taste. Madrid is a relatively new capital, it was not until 1752 that the state center was moved from Toledo to Madrid, its name coming from the word mageritas or water spring . The locals are called 'gatos' meaning cats. During the conquest of the city, the soldiers climbed the fortress wall like cats and hence the nickname. The symbol of the city is a very cute bear that eats strawberries, resembling that the city keeps growing constantly.

It is no surprise that Spain is the homeland of Don Quixote, because local people are hearty and tend to believe in tales of knights and Dulcinea, just as Sancho Panza finally starts to believe in Don Quixote. It is much more beautiful to believe in a fairy tale than to doubt it. Last night I solved another riddle, eating excellent dishes and enjoying life in its fullest moments. Well, as banal as it sounds, we have only one life and we are obliged to live it in every cell and molecule. Bottoms Up! So when you open the candy box and you see a very tasty chocolate candy, just eat it, don't leave it.

The southern European countries are similar, but each has its own different charm. Spain is gilded ... this is where the idea of ​​the New World comes from, this is where the Renaissance is born (I am referring to the Alhambra Palace, not without some Moorish involvement, as atheistic as it sounds), here music is love and sorrow and passion and pain and sadness.

The stroll through Madrid is a constant admiration of beauty, of life, of the desire to be. I guess the most valuable thing is to share this desire: in a smoky flamenco bar, in an upbeat restaurant with the most delicious tapas, in the stolen kiss infront of a fountain, in raising the spirits through our common wanting to experience everything to the fullest. No residue, like an intricate dance in a red dress and the sound of a gentle guitar telling our tale.

Marta, 18.11.2017